International Industry Expo

Sri Lanka showcases industries as, “International Industry Expo 2024”, which will be held from 19th to 23rd June, 2024 at the Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall (BMICH), Colombo, Sri Lanka. The Expo is organized by the Ministry of Industries and the Industrial Development Board (IDB). The main objective is to create a platform to bring together industry related local & international stakeholders. This Expo will represent 25 industry sectors and over 1000 exhibitors, covering a wider products and services portfolio during the 05 days of its exposition. The event is a complete package that involves International Symposium, industry related seminars, sharing experiences of industry leaders, as well as displaying of products and innovations.


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Make Sri Lanka (Ceylon) as your next investment pivot in South Asia. Sri Lanka is a wonderful island which has been dubbed as the “Pearl of the Indian Ocean”. “Ceylon” is renowned for its strategic location anciently which is geographically attractive to many global value chains. Even now, it continues to be the ideal trade hub in Southern Asia due to its strategic location and harbors. Sri Lanka has natural resources, human resources, transportation, telecommunication services and more than everything all the other business supporting services are easily accessible and way forward towards an export oriented economy.

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Industry Sectors

Food & Beverages

Design, Packaging and Paper related industries

Spice related industries

Coconut, Kithul & palmyrah based products and Fiber related industries

Tea, Value added Tea and related Industries

Footwear, Leather, Leather products and allied industries

Rubber, Plastics and Allied Industries

Metal, Die, Mold, Machinery Tools and allied industries

Timber, Wood-based and Furniture industries

Vehicles, Automotive assembly and automotive related industries

Electrical / Electronics and allied industries

Agro based industries

Western, Indigenous Ayurvedic and other Pharmaceutical and allied industries

Construction, Granite, Tile, Pottery, Ceramics and Decor related industries

Maritime & Shipping related industries

Printing, Publishing Materials and allied industries

Cosmetics and allied industries

Gem and Jewelry related industries

Minerals and Mining allied industries

Textiles and Apparels

Energy & Chemical based industries

ICT & Advance Technology services

Craft industries

Service industries

Other industries

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Event Highlights

Industry Seminars

Industry Innovation Arena

B2B & B2C Meetings

International Industry Symposium


Locally Assembled Vehicle Parade


Exhibition Organizing Committee

Industrial Development Board
615, Galle Road, Katubedda,
Sri Lanka.

For Local Exhibitors

Whatsapp Number : +94 77 788 81 70
Phone Number : +94 112 605 380
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For Foreign Exhibitors

Whatsapp Number : +94 77 803 75 69
Tel: +94 112 623 439
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